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BIOL 101 - Environmental Biology (All sections): Activity: Rate the Sources!

Library information and resources for all sections for the BIOL 101 class

Introduction to Activity


Assume that you have to give a report on global warming for your environmental biology class.

Of the sources listed below, which ones would be both credible (authoritative) and appropriate for a science class. Rate each source on a scale of 1-10, where 1 is the lowest and 10 is the highest . Be prepared to discuss your reasons.

Hint: Appropriate is an important aspect. What's appropriate for an English class may not be appropriate for a biology class

Source 2

Access Science Logo

The article, "Global Climate Change," from this library database:

Source 3

Article from CQ Researcher on the Clark Libraries website, "Air Pollution and Climate Change."

Source 4

banner from epa website

Website: "Greenhouse Gas Emissions" (from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)

Source 5

Website: "Why Does Climate Change?" (from the Texas A&M Extension Service)

Source 6

Scientific American logo

Article, "The Fate of an Engineered Planet," from Scientific American, January 2013, from this library database:

Source 7

The article, "Steelhead Vulnerability to Climate Change In The Pacific Northwest," from the Journal of Applied Ecology, 2013, from this library database:

Source 8

Source 9

An interview in the New York Times with NASA climate scientist James Hansen and other climate experts. (The library subscribes to the digital New York Times)

Source 10

The article, "Is Earth's Temperature About to Soar?" from the website, Open Mind: Science, Politics, the Universe, and Everything.

Source 11

Essential Environment (6th edition) Withgott and Laposata, 2019, Pearson Publishing (in case you didn’t recognize it, this is your textbook!)

Source 12

The article, "The Climate Friendly Gardener," from the website, The Union of Concerned Scientists: Science for a Healthy Planet and a Safer World.

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