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A guide to Summit borrowing designed and created by Clark Librarians

Summit: Overview

If Clark doesn't have a book, try Summit!

If our library does not have a book you are looking for, you can usually request it from another library through Summit. Summit is the shared catalog for the Orbis Cascade Alliance, a group of 38 colleges in the Pacific Northwest that partner together to share library collections.

More Information About Summit

What is Summit?

Summit is the shared catalog for a consortium of 38 academic libraries in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho.  Clark students, faculty, and staff can request materials of any of the participating schools.

How do I search the Summit catalog?

When searching in our online catalog from the library’s homepage make sure you have 'Clark + Summit’ or ‘Clark + Summit + Articles’ selected.  If either of these options are selected, you will be searching the Summit catalog.

Who can borrow items from Summit?

Any current Clark student, staff, faculty or Orbis Cascade Alliance (Summit) Visitors.

How long does it take to get an item from Summit?

Usually Summit items arrive within 3-5 business days.

How long can I check out Summit items for?

6 weeks or 6 days, depending on the material type and lending institution.

Can I renew Summit Borrowing materials?


How can I check when my Summit items are due?

You can sign into your library account on the library search page.  Then click on ‘My Library account.  Here you will see the due dates for all items that are checked out.

Are there fines if my Summit item is late or lost?

Yes. You can review Clark’s policy regarding fines here.

How to borrow in Summit

How do you request a book from another library?

If you find a book in our online catalog that is not available at Clark you will see a “Check availability” message:


Book that is not available at Clark College with message that says Check Availability

To request this book from another library, click on “Check availability”.

You should now see a section labeled "Get It" with a link to Sign in using your Clark ID.

Sign in for request options

Sign in using your Clark ID.

You will now see the option to "Place a Summit Request (allow 3-5 days for arrival)".

Click on this link:

link to place summit request

You should now see a form where you can choose the pick-up location of the book:

either at Cannell Library or CTC Information Commons.

After choosing the pick up location, click  “REQUEST” and your request will be submitted.

book request form

You will receive an email notification once the book has arrived at Clark College and is available for you to pick-up.

Summit requests usually take 3-5 business days to arrive at Clark.

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