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Open Educational Resources (OER): OER @ Clark

Links, videos and other resources for OER


"The real promise of OER is not just the free high-quality learning materials and textbooks. It's the process itself, how materials are created, used, adapted and improved that creates a whole new set of possibilities."

- Lisa Petrides, Ph.D Founder Institute for the Study of Knowledge Management in Education

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OER doesn't have to be an all or nothing proposition. Think of it as an opportunity to move toward affordable textbooks options. There are lots of ways to incorporate openly licensed materials into your curriculum without converting your entire course all at once or having to create all new material. Feel free to start as small as you want or GO BIG!  There are many resources and lots of support available:

SBCTC eLearning & Open Education supports and promotes Open Educational Resources policies and initiatives in the Community and Technical Colleges by managing and supporting projects and practices designed to increase access to open resources and eLearning tools for system faculty, staff and students.

Take a Free OER Course from the SBCTC: OER 101

"This 2-week, asynchronous, online course is designed for faculty and staff who have never experienced Open Educational Resources (OER) or who are just getting started implementing OER."

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