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Schedule Instruction: Information Literacy @ Clark College

Information Literacy

Information Literacy for Clark College Students

Information Literacy Outcome Statement

Students will be able to obtain, evaluate, and ethically use information while demonstrating an awareness of their own biases, worldviews, and information privilege.

Librarians’ Statement

Librarians promote student success in the classroom, workplace and life. Librarians encourage students to consider research as an open-ended exploration and engagement with information by practicing three core information literacy skills: Obtaining, Evaluating, and Ethically Using information.


  • Obtain: Students find and use information from many different types of sources using a variety of search tools, which vary in features, usefulness, and complexity.
  • Evaluate: Students adopt and practice habits that help them determine if information, in any form, is credible and appropriate for their needs.
  • Ethically Use: Students properly distinguish between their own ideas and the original ideas of others.

The 10 Main Competencies

Students who effectively obtain, evaluate and ethically use information:

  1. identify their information need and the best types of sources to meet their information need; choose appropriate resources or search tools to find needed information
  2. design and refine search strategies to meet their information need
  3. locate and retrieve needed information
  4. identify and ask for expert help when needed
  5. identify characteristics that make a source both credible and appropriate for a specific purpose
  6. apply relevant criteria for determining credible and appropriate information for different needs      
  7. assess the context of how information is created and how that affects its value
  8. explain why and how systemically non-dominant groups/individuals are underrepresented in systems that create, produce, and distribute information
  9. establish a system for organizing and managing information
  10. give credit to the original ideas of others through attribution and/or formal citations

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