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BIOL 101 - Environmental Biology (All sections): In-Class Activity: Rate the Sources

Library information and resources for all sections for the BIOL 101 class

Activity Description

Rate the Source Worksheet Instructions

Assume that you have to give a report on climate change for your environmental biology class. Examine the list of sources provided on the class handout. Look just at the information provided - don't go online to find the actual sources. 

Based on the information on the sheet, determine if each source is both credible (authoritative) and appropriate for a science class. Rate each source on a scale of 1-10, where 1 is the lowest authority and 10 is the highest authority.

Be prepared to discuss your reasons.

You may work alone or collaborate with classmates.

Color Key

Convert your points to colors for the class discussion

8-10 points: GREEN
You are encouraged to use these resources, as they are typically both credible and appropriate. You should still evaluate each source individually.


4-7 points: YELLOW
Uses these sources with extreme caution. Evaluate carefully. Ask your instructor.


1-3 points: RED
These types of sources are not appropriate in a science class.

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