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ENGL 101 - English Composition I (Favara): Fake News Examples

Library information and resources for Mel Favara's ENGL 101 class


  1. Look at your group's image
  2. Find a secondary source, like a news article or blog post, about the claim being made. Does the secondary source support the claim your image is making?
  3. Find the primary source (original research article). Does the primary source support the claims in the secondary source and/or your image?
  4. Be prepared to share with the class how you found the secondary and primary sources, and whether or not they support the original claim.

Fake News Presentation Slides, created by Clark Librarians

2. Tweet with article link

Shocked by difference in words 4 male vs female recommendation letters for faculty positions

4. Book facts graphic

Surprising Book Facts

1. Tweet with survey link

NBC News: International student applications at American schools are down nearly 40%, survey shows

3. Web article title

Academic Journal: Quantum Physics Is 'Oppressive' to Marginalized People

5. Article shared on Facebook

Broccoli Kills the "Beating Heart" of Cancerous Tumors

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