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CHEM 142 - General Chemistry II - Annotated Bibliography Project: Home

Library information and resources for CHEM 142
Winter 2020
The purpose of this guide is to provide students with instruction and resources to successfully complete the CHEM 142 Current Events Annotated Bibliography Assignment. After working through these guide pages students should be able to locate and identify scientific sources that are both credible and appropriate.

Additional Drop-In Workshops

Drop-In Help Sessions 

Your Chemistry instructors will provide you with a link to the drop-in schedule via a Canvas announcement.

Follow the instructions in the announcement to pick a day and time that suits your schedule for the library drop-in session.

Librarians are also available during most of the library's open hours to help with any of your CHEM 142 questions.

Project at-a-Glance

Students will be researching the pros and cons of an assigned topic. Students should check their Canvas shell for their assigned topic and more details. 


  • Paper/wood
  • Plastics
  • Metals
  • Batteries/electronics


By January 10: Your topics are assigned

By January 24: Attend a required drop-in session in LIB 103.

January 17: Submit 4 initial questions about your controversy.

February 7: Submit citations for 8 sources, in ACS format. (First attempt)

  • Make use of the ACS Style guide.
  • Make use of the research librarians.
  • Make use of the web links provided.
  • Include the type of source before beginning the citation.
  • You can resubmit one more time for review for full credit.


February 19: Resubmission of citations for 8 sources. (Second attempt)

  • Note: This is not a hard due date. You may still submit your second attempt later than this, but if you do so you are not guaranteed to receive feedback in time to make corrections for your third attempt.


February 26: Resubmission of citations for 8 sources. (Third attempt)

  • All feedback on final submissions will be returned to you no later than March 1st.


March 6: Submit annotated bibliography for 4 best sources. (Late submissions due by March 9th)

Types of Sources

For this assignment, you can use the following types of sources:

  • No more than one (1) web page. NOT Wikipedia!
  • No more than one (1) article from an encyclopedia, and then only if the article has relevant scientific information.
    • Find recommended encyclopedia databases in the "Recommended Databases" tab.
  • Articles from scientific journals, located using library databases or online search sites (such as
    • It is likely that you will find articles that are not available in full text. You may use the abstract for the initial 8 sources in this assignment. Use the "Find It" feature in library databases to have the full-text of an article emailed to you. For the final four sources you MUST have the full text of the article.
    • Scientific articles can be a challenge to read. See the tab called "How to Read a Scientific Article" for help.
  • Relevant, scientific books, including textbooks. Cannell Library has access to many up-to-date print books and ebooks. You can also borrow books from 38 other university and college libraries through the library catalog. See the "Introduction to Clark Libraries Catalog" tab.

Can I use this source?

The following periodicals are examples of good places to start for learning about your topic, and they may be one of your eight articles, but they should not be in your final four. Your final sources should be from more quality publications. 

  • Scientific American
  • Discover
  • Smithsonian
  • National Geographic
  • "journals of opinion" such as New Yorker and Atlantic

If in doubt, check with your instructor. 

Q & As about Sources

Question: If I find a document on a website, like a government document or a research paper, from a .gov or a .edu, that's in a separate pdf file, not the webpage itself, is it a document or a website?

Answer: For Chemistry 142, treat these are documents. They do not count as a website.

Keep checking back for more Q & As!

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