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Tutorials Home: Research Team

A guide for all online tutorials designed and created by Clark Librarians

Research Team

Your Research Team

Following are some Clark College resources that are available to assist with your research.

Your Instructor knows all about:

  • what tools you will need to be successful;
  • how much time you need;
  • how the assignment will be graded;
  • campus resources to assist your learning.  

Librarians are available to help you:

  • choose the best search tools;
  • learn how to search databases;
  • brainstorm topics and keywords;
  • evaluate information;
  • learn how to use information.  

Library Check Out Desk is the place to go when you want to:

  • get a library card;
  • check out books and videos;
  • check out items reserved for classes;
  • pick up interlibrary loans;
  • reserve a study room;
  • borrow headphones, calculators, laptops and other equipment;
  • ask about lost items, and much more!

TechHub, located in Cannell Library, will help you:

  • log in to labs, wireless, Canvas, eTutoring;
  • set up student Gmail;
  • connect to course-specific software;
  • save and back up files, and more!

Tutoring Services are:

  • free to students;
  • available at various campus locations;
  • include English, math, science, general education, and others;
  • staffed by faculty or qualified students;
  • available in person or online via eTutoring.

Language and Writing Center Staff:

  • help with essays, research papers, resumes, and more;
  • look over your work and suggest strategies for improvement;
  • teach you how to evaluate and revise your own writing;
  • provide practice in several language studies and ASL.

Your Own Healthy Habits:

Research is more difficult if you’re tired, stressed, or sick.  Locate these resources:

  • Counseling & Health Center (provides free or low-cost medical services and counseling);
  • locations of healthy snacks and water;
  • campus walking paths;
  • campus Fitness Center.


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