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Library Catalog: Accessibility Information

A guide for the library catalog designed and created by Clark Librarians

Accessing Library Search with Assistive Technology

Please contact the library via Ask a Librarian options (24/7 chat, phone, email, or in-person/Zoom visit) to let us know if you encounter problems while navigating the Library Catalog, online databases, or other online interfaces at Clark Libraries. This will help us identify areas of improvement that require either local customization or a correction from the vendor. Most importantly, let us know if you are encountering any obstacles as soon as possible so we can help you locate the resources you need in a timely and efficient manner. If you cannot find or access something, don't waste your time and ask a librarian for help!

Students and employees of Clark College should also contact Clark Libraries to obtain accessible versions of library resources that are currently available only in print or in inaccessible electronic formats.   

Assistive Technology Tools at Cannell Library

Ask library employees for help with:

Screenreaders (software)

  • JAWS (Job Access with Speech)
  • NVDA (Non-visual Desktop Access)

Magnifiers (software)

  • ZoomText

Other Tools

  • ONYX video magnifier
  • Laptop with OpenBook software
    and PEARL document camera (scanner)

Additional Accessibility Information for Accessing Library Resources

The Library Search Catalog is a gateway to discover library content. Research for specific subjects can be also effectively conducted directly by searching in Library online databases which can be accessed via Databases A-Z page. The Library is currently providing access to more than 130 different online databases. In the future, we plan to test usability with assistive technology for all of these, and recommend databases with best usability and accessibility via "Accessible Favorite" tag designation.

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