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WS 201 - Women Around the World (de Soyza): Activity: Just the Facts?

Library information and resources for Kushlani de Soyza's WS 201 class

Just the Facts! Activity Handout

Activity Instructions

Use the handout linked below to complete the activity on this page.

  • The class will be divided into small groups; each group will look at one source.
  • Members of the group will complete the section of the worksheet related to their sources.
  • Each group will share what they discovered with the rest of the class. Be prepared to:
    • Give a brief summary of the story you read
    • Tell us if it's real or fake/how fake
    • Describe the "red flags" that make it fake or less credible
    • Share the facts of the story you discovered

15 Genders

screen shot of two men talking


  1. Read the news story: "California Wants to Teach Kindergartners There are 15 Genders.” Follow the links provided in the story.
  2. As you read the news story, identify some initial questions or “red flags” you have about how the information is written. For example: Which parts are factual? How is language used?  Is it appealing to your emotion, logic, or something else? Can you identify any “leaps in logic”?
  3. Do a fact check on this article in one of the fact-checking tools included in this guide. What did you discover?
  4. Be prepared to report what you learned to the class.

Women and Children Getting Paid

screenshot titled "Breaking video shows women and children in Honduras getting paid to join caravan".


  1. Read the story: Breaking Video Shows Women and Children in Honduras Getting Paid to Join Caravan. Follow the links in the story.
  2. As you read the story, identify some initial questions or "red flags" that are raised.
  3. Research this story. What are the facts?
  4. Be prepared to share your discoveries with the class.

Crocodile Bride

image of crocodile


Visit each of the following three links and browse the story.

1) Zimbabwe Crocodile Attack Tells of Renewed Hope

2) Bride Whose Arm was Ripped off in Crocodile Attack Speaks of 'miracle' escape as the 8ft predator is shot dead

3) CROC AND AWE Zimbabwe crocodile attack bride reveals how her Brit husband ‘rained blows’ down on the beast as it ate her arm

Be prepared to share with the class your answers to these questions:

1) What are the differences in these three stories? What are the similarities?

2) Which version would you trust most? Which least? Why?

Be prepared to share your discoveries with the class. 

(photo: pixabay)

Bill Nye the Population Guy

screenshot of nye


  1. Read the article, Bill Nye Pushes Population Control at Planned Parenthood Event." 
  2. Use a search engine (like Google) to look up additional sources about this story. What was the online reaction to this story? 
  3. Use one of the fact-checking sites on the "Tools for Verifying Information" tab. What does the evidence support?
  4. Be prepared to share your discoveries with the class.

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