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Mental Health and Wellness: Faculty

Provides information for students about the library collection materials on the topics of mental health and wellness, resources available at Clark, resources available online and support for when in crisis. Resources for faculty included.

Dear Faculty

Here at the Clark College Libraries understand that you have an important task in teaching our Penguins and we want to help you be successful in teaching all of our Penguins in the best possible manner and support them when they are struggling. This section of the libguide has been created to support you with tools to help your students that are struggling with a mental health issue. We also want you to be prepared if any of your students come to ask you about mental health resources you will be ready to provide them with the knowledge of and within this libguide. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us in the library. Thank you for supporting our Penguins.

Disability Support at Clark

Websites for Educators


Trainings on Mental Health

Library Collection

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